St. Philip Neri lived in Rome in the 1500’s and started a group (Oratory) to assist lay people and priests to become closer to Jesus. One interesting story attributed to St. Philip is that a man once came to him and explained that he seemed to always be saying bad things about people. St. Philip told him to go up on a rooftop with a large bag of feathers, open the bag and shake out all of the feathers. When the man did this, all the feathers flew out and got blown away in the wind, blowing far and wide. The man went back to St. Philip, who then told him to go and collect all the feathers up again. The man became agitated and replied that it would be impossible to do so. St. Philip then told him that bad words or gossip are like that too. Once they are out, they spread all over the place and can never be taken back. Therefore, pray and make the choice to speak kind words of joy. A good lesson for all of us!

St. Philip Neri Feast Day: May 26


St. Philip Neri



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