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{phocadownload view=file|id=69|target=s}Stewardship as Gift


If we, as devout Catholics, believe that our Baptism gave us the gifts as priest, prophet and king, then, have we got an unlimited supply of ministry as life. Ministry and life as one and the same. God calls us by name as a child in His kingdom and God did not mean that lightly, right? He sent us His only Son! He gave us the Bible. You know, ....Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Then of course, the Holy Spirit living in us and all that means to each of us.


Do we believe? Do we listen? Have we listened? How do we know we have listened or how do we know we believe? That is where our use of gifts given come into play. This means knowing ourselves. This means knowing what we believe about our faith and how we live our faith each day. Knowing our gifts and using them prudently for our parish, takes effort... takes time... takes commitment... takes courage... takes moving out of our comfort zone...takes love.  When we listen to our heart and love the life we live, things are effortless, timeless, non threatening, and transform us into a person we never thought was in us. Let go, and let God!  We need to listen and act upon that listening in a responsible manner allowing the Holy Spirit to strengthen our gifts every time we use them for the building of the kingdom. That is love! That is joyful and energizing!


Will this mean reaching out to others in the parish? Do we perhaps need to discern where our gifts could be used to help our parish? Always. The wonder and the beauty is what we are always changing physically, mentally and spiritually. Now to focus on service to our Saviour. This can look differently for each of us and is evident in many different ways.


Now what about collaboration? To some, that may be a huge word, and no doubt it is. Sofield and Juliano define, collaboration as "the identification, release, and union of all the gifts of ministry for the sake of mission." ( Collaboration , pg. 17) Without collaboration in the parish, we would be in a sad state of affairs.


These two authors explain that there are four levels of collaboration, namely,

co-existence, communication, cooperation and then collaboration. My theory is that in group situations, one slots themselves into these levels depending on their commitment to the big picture.  The following diagram may picture what happens at any parish level in terms of general parish community participation. Do you agree?


Collaboration (not a whole  pile)

Cooperation (less than lots)

Communication(less than lots)

Co-existence (Lots)



But what if.....this is the model we would have in a parish.....↓


    ♦  Co-Existence ( lots too)

    ♦   Communication (lots)

    ♦   Cooperation ( lots)

    ♦  Collaboration( lots)


We want the above in our parish.


 Is this too idealistic?  Am I on the right train of thought?

Is this a possibility? Why is this not happening in parishes in general? Remember the good old days, when the parish was the gathering center of the community?  Acknowledging that there is still some of this in all parishes,  is definitely not an argument at all. The issue is more aligned with the questions... are our priorities different than God's for all of us?.... is our Lord the center of our being or what is? .... do we only make time for Jesus and our parish community for about one hour once a week?...

Do emails... facebook... twitter.... TV.... get about one hour of our time per week???

Okay... now, I am sure you know where I am going with this.... maybe it is easy for us to get to our technological device... but the Lord modeled for us sacrifice beyond the little one of giving our time and talents to God in His house.

Now, I think there will be some comments this time... I invite them too. ... This is dialogue worth having again and again in the church. Jesus stirred up the status quo, should we support the status quo too?  Are we doing so, whether we conscious of it or not? 

How brave are we? Do we have the courage to stand up for our beliefs?

Okay.... enough, Shirley... right.... this may be only my first instalment about stewardship but a word...

God bless those in our lives who have the courage, the stamina, the voice to stand up and model in their lives the Catholic way to build the kingdom of God... those are the ones to emulate.

Now it is time for me to pray!!!! 








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Catholic is a "doing" thing not merely a label!!!

No I am not nuts! I haven't lost my marbles yet! Never would I claim to be the brightest crayon in the box ( or is that woodshed?)


However, I do ask, can one legitimately claim to be a disciple of Jesus but just in name only? Anytime, I read/study the gospels or listen to God's word, it never seem to sound like... just sit there and don't do anything and magically you will build the kingdom of God... and do it joyfully too!!!!

Are you kidding me??

A name or label is just that literally. If we were meant to take the Word of God literally, well, then, there are some very weird interpretations of the bible that anyone could argue may not have exactly the dogma of the Church in mind.

Yes, just like anyone else, I want to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want. Yes, I want to have a never ending flow of money in my bank account, the latest vehicle ( Toyota of couse or can I say that here?), a house that cleans itself, the latest cell phone and yadda yadda yadda!!! Every once in a while, I want that material stuff a la carte!!!

But if I am honest with myself, ( is there any other way?) I want peace ( I'd even settle for a little less than world wide), love ( for all!!... but can you have peace without love?) and faith( unwavering ever!!!).

AND believe it or not, without my living out my Catholic faith and I like to believe that it is a strong one... I probably wouldn't be living the awesome life I am today!!!

What about YOU???? Of course, I am in no position to make any judgements of any kind nor do I want to do that. If you looked deeply into your heart, are you doing what it is God calls you to do in your servant leadership role. The parish needs " upteen zillion" volunteers to minister in so many different ways. At our parish, we are blessed to have so many people step up to the plate and if it wasn't for them, we couldn't provide the activities that we do here. Are we short of volunteers? Really, what kind of question is that? There have been very few instances where there are too many volunteers. That is a rare circumstance indeed.

So finally, my point... we are made to live in relationship and that implies living respectfully and responsibly with each other. We need to support and build each other up in every instance in our parish too. The church building doesn't clean itself and the masses aren't celebrated in a vacuum. Sacramental celebration, a sense of belonging and purpose, and faith formation don't happen by snapping your fingers. It take time, effort, planning and more but most of all the church needs me and it need YOU!

No machine ever ever will replace us, the huan touch... the pulse of God's kingdom.

God come to us and show us what it is that is the hope to which you have called us!

Blessings! ... and..... I invite your comments!!!!







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We have made it through another Triduum! And with flying colors!!!

What a joyful way to bring God's people together right from

Holy Thursday through to Easter Sunday!!!!


Why??....    YOu ask....


People came together to pray..... together for Eucharist... to serve in hospitality at the Vigil, to share warm smiles to welcome visitors and parishioners, to decorate the church each time for the significance of the day and a lot of time was put in by a team of people!!... young people to altar serve.... numerous people to distribute communion... sacristans to keep everyone organized... awesome readers to  proclaim  the Word....people joined together to sing as the choirs  provided outstanding music ministry.... and Fr. Matthew Ramsay who celebrated his first Triduum with a prayerful passion, reverence and led the people in celebrating the season.


Then of course, there are those who work behind the "scene" contributing time and generous efforts to glue it all together, namely our St. Philip staff !!!


Last but not least ( we save the best for last), Fr. Ron provided strong support and advice on everything and we truly appreciate our rock and cornerstone, our parish priest!!!


The blessings at St. Philip parish

are bountiful and ever reaching!!


God is very definitely present in our joy

 as we work together to build the community of


 St. Philip Neri parish!!! 









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A steward is one who manages another’s property. God is inviting us to take care of His home… and especially His people. Will we accept the invitation?

When my children were young, I thought that taking them to church on Sunday and saying our daily prayers was enough for our spiritual well-being. But after a few years of keeping a low profile, I still felt like a visitor in church. The only connection I had with the church was going to Sunday Masses. Something was missing. I needed to get involved with my children. When they were old enough to attend, I began assisting with children’s liturgy and when they went through sacramental preparation, I went with them. It was like I was learning to grow in my faith along with the kids. Soon they began altar serving so my husband and I decided that we could also serve, as welcomers. Years before, when we first were welcomed into the parish, I was so appreciative of the way we were treated like long lost friends, that I thought maybe we could try to pass on some of that enthusiasm to others and make them feel welcome, too. After a few years we got braver and had another ‘spiritual growth spurt.’ Becoming a Eucharistic Minister was a little intimidating because you are up in the sanctuary and in front of everyone. But I thought if our kids can altar serve in front of everyone, why can't we try?


As many others have done, I had the privilege of taking the Lay Formation program to learn more about the Catholic faith. What an enlightening experience after taking “going to Church on Sundays” for granted for so many years. It’s like my eyes were opened and I could see a deeper layer of our faith. I highly recommend the course to everyone.


Now that our kids are on their own, I am still having growth spurts. Who knows where my spiritual journey will take me? It is always a personal learning and growing experience. We start out with baby steps into the unknown but as we grow we become more confident in what we have to offer. Little do we realize that we get so much more in return.


In our parish, I see so many young families and people of all ages and heritages getting involved, that I am in awe of them and their sense of stewardship. Without being aware of it, they set generous but humble examples of stewardship (taking care of God’s home and family) by helping with social justice activities and fundraising, helping with youth events like VBS and youth groups, helping to serve at Liturgies and functions, taking communion to the sick, and offering to help when anyone is in need (including our staff), to name just a few things. Basically, we pitch in and work together to make God’s home a community — a family home. (For examples of stewardship over the years, reread Pat Clarke’s blog: The St. Philip Neri Training Camp.)


We are all invited to take baby steps and get involved. Try one new thing this year. You will grow spiritually from it and as I said earlier, the benefits outweigh the sacrifices.

Through stewardship, we are JOYFULLY BUILDING UP THE CHURCH!  

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After it was announced that I would be moving to Holy Family, people said to me, “so I hear you’re moving on…”

To which I would reply, “After nearly 13 years, the staff and parish council finally got together and organized a mutiny!”

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