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An Invitation... To Be Stewards

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A steward is one who manages another’s property. God is inviting us to take care of His home… and especially His people. Will we accept the invitation?

When my children were young, I thought that taking them to church on Sunday and saying our daily prayers was enough for our spiritual well-being. But after a few years of keeping a low profile, I still felt like a visitor in church. The only connection I had with the church was going to Sunday Masses. Something was missing. I needed to get involved with my children. When they were old enough to attend, I began assisting with children’s liturgy and when they went through sacramental preparation, I went with them. It was like I was learning to grow in my faith along with the kids. Soon they began altar serving so my husband and I decided that we could also serve, as welcomers. Years before, when we first were welcomed into the parish, I was so appreciative of the way we were treated like long lost friends, that I thought maybe we could try to pass on some of that enthusiasm to others and make them feel welcome, too. After a few years we got braver and had another ‘spiritual growth spurt.’ Becoming a Eucharistic Minister was a little intimidating because you are up in the sanctuary and in front of everyone. But I thought if our kids can altar serve in front of everyone, why can't we try?


As many others have done, I had the privilege of taking the Lay Formation program to learn more about the Catholic faith. What an enlightening experience after taking “going to Church on Sundays” for granted for so many years. It’s like my eyes were opened and I could see a deeper layer of our faith. I highly recommend the course to everyone.


Now that our kids are on their own, I am still having growth spurts. Who knows where my spiritual journey will take me? It is always a personal learning and growing experience. We start out with baby steps into the unknown but as we grow we become more confident in what we have to offer. Little do we realize that we get so much more in return.


In our parish, I see so many young families and people of all ages and heritages getting involved, that I am in awe of them and their sense of stewardship. Without being aware of it, they set generous but humble examples of stewardship (taking care of God’s home and family) by helping with social justice activities and fundraising, helping with youth events like VBS and youth groups, helping to serve at Liturgies and functions, taking communion to the sick, and offering to help when anyone is in need (including our staff), to name just a few things. Basically, we pitch in and work together to make God’s home a community — a family home. (For examples of stewardship over the years, reread Pat Clarke’s blog: The St. Philip Neri Training Camp.)


We are all invited to take baby steps and get involved. Try one new thing this year. You will grow spiritually from it and as I said earlier, the benefits outweigh the sacrifices.

Through stewardship, we are JOYFULLY BUILDING UP THE CHURCH!  


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    Darcie Gravel September 11, 2011

    Well said Theresa! Great to see you as a writer for the blog! I don't know what my one new thing could be for this year yet....thank you for planting the seed Theresa!!!!!

  • Guest
    Pat Clarke September 16, 2011

    Great Blog Theresa! You have talent as a writer! Keep up the great work! Pat Clarke

  • Guest
    Kelly HIebert September 27, 2011

    Very insightful and inspiring - thanks for sharing!

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