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“Joyfully Building Up the Church”


Through God’s Grace, St. Philip Neri is committed to its mission by being actively involved in the ongoing faith development of our parish community, our local community and beyond.

Over the next FIVE YEARS our community will achieve the following goals:

  1. Create a vibrant parish community by facilitating faith development;
    1. We will enhance our liturgies and  music ministry by installing a new sound system by 2013.
    2. We will purchase a house to be used as a rectory and turn our present rectory into main floor meeting spaces by 2016.
  2. Build parish community;
    1. We will increase the number of Small Christian Communities in our parish from 2 – 4 groups.
    2. We will actively engage our youth by sponsoring annual missionary projects (yet to be named).
  3. In a response to Christ’s call to touch our world, we will engage our parish community in intentional  outreach;
    1. St. Philip Neri will support the needy of our city by supporting “The Bridge on 20th” in the following ways:
      1. We will contribute all funds returned to us from the BAA appeal and our Holy Thursday collection annually to the Bridge on 20th.  For more information on the Bridge on 20th click here:
      2. We will recruit and commission parishioners to serve as volunteers at “The Bridge on 20th
      3. We will seek to have a role in the governance of the Bridge on 20th.
    2. St. Philip Neri will support the efforts of Catholic Family Services in creating affordable housing for one family by contributing $500.00 per month for up to five years, thus allowing a family to remain in the same residence and school.
    3. St. Philip Neri will have a Refugee Committee of at least 12 active members.
      1. We will sponsor 2 families over the next 5 years.

        Also included in this report is the Diocesan Covenant of Care which is the Code of Conduct for the church to be a safe place for all people, especially the vulnerable.
        For more details on the Covenant of Care visit:

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