The Finance committee recenlty met and wanted to share our “current state of financial affairs” with all our parishioners.  Unfortuantely the news is not very good.

Below is comparative statement of operations for last year (January to June, 2021) to this year, (January to June  2022).  As you can see, our total revenues are down and our total expenses are up.

The CERB payments we received during the pandemic definitely helped with covering staff salaries, but those emergency response benefits have now been discontinued for some time now.

As a result, we are currently facing a deficit of ($42,536). To address this shortage, we are going to have to get creative/generous in order to increase our revenues, and somehow decrease our expenses.  This is going to take a team effort, but we are confident that together we can “balance our budget”. Please review the statement below.

6 month Comparative Statement of Operations