To the parishioners of St. Philip Neri Parish, sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints –

“Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”.

                                 A Prayer: To “comfort the disturbed” and “disturb the comfortable”

Compassionate and loving God,

bless us with discomfort at easy answers,

half-truths, superficial relationships,

so that we will live deep within our hearts.

May God bless us with anger at injustice,

oppressions, and exploitation of people,

so that we will work for justice, equity and peace.

May God bless us with tears to shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, starvation and violence,

so that we will reach out our hands

to comfort them and change their pain to joy.

And may God bless us with the foolishness to think

that we can make a difference in the world,

so that we will do the things which others will tell us cannot be done.

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus,

our challenger, our comforter.  Amen

Thomas had asked: Lord, show us the way … to eternal life. Jesus said: “I” am the WAY – the TRUTH (that the promise of eternal life is for everyone – with no exclusion – and the LIFE (that God gives to us in great abundance, in this life, now, and then for all eternity.

With this assurance then, we know/believe that God will not miss an opportunity to “disturb” us when we are not living “the Way”, and then “console” us when the pressures and challenges of life seem overwhelming, or when we have become too comfortable living easy answers, half-truths, superficial relationships .

Then, with Jesus our Shepherd, wherever we go, we go with God/our Shepherd … and whenever we go, we can truly make a difference in building the Kingdom of God.

God is good … all the time

Praise be Jesus Christ … and Mary Immaculate

St. Philip Neri … pray for us

St. Eugene de Mazenod … pray for us

St. Kateri Tekakwitha … pray for us

God is good … all the time.

Fr. Mike Dechant OMI