To the Parishioners of St. Philip Neri Parish, sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints –

“Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”.

It was the tradition of the grandmother and grandfather of the family that each of their grandchildren would receive a BIBLE as they graduated from high school or had decided to “leave home’.

Bobby was a special grandchild to the grandparents. He was not very athletic, but he always gave his very best, to contribute in the sports events in which he participated. He struggled with academics, but always worked very hard to pass his exams and make the most of his studies.

Bobby was hoping to become a mechanic; he loved to work with motors or anything that required the use of tools … he worked best with his hands. The grandparents were looking to up-grade their car so had promised Bobby that he could purchase their “old car” as his graduation gift from high school. The deal was made!

As usual, Bobby received his Bible, as did all the other cousins. He was excited, knowing that his graduation gift would include his very own car – so when would he receive the keys? One week went by, then two – still no keys. Bobby didn’t want to appear unappreciative or disrespectful of his grandparent’s generosity … but a deal is a deal! When would he receive “his reward” for all the hard work of his high school years?

Bobby complained to Grandma, to share some of his frustration. Her advice: “What would the Lord say to you in this predicament? Maybe Jesus would have some guidance for you.” Bobby was not impressed with Grandma’s advice; the Bible was the same “gift” that all the other cousins received on their graduation. What made his “present” any different? In desperation he opened the Bible, hoping to seek some solution to his frustration and problem! When he opened the Bible, to his surprise … there were the keys to “his car”!

For many years after that, Bobby would tell this story to his kids and friends. He described the experience as one of his greatest “educational moments”! That, in times of struggle or frustration and indecision, even in times of anticipation of joy and delight … turn to the Lord! Bobby’s Bible had become his “play book” for life.

God is good … all the time!

Praise be Jesus Christ … and Mary Immaculate

St. Philip Neri … pray for us

St. Eugene de Mazenod … pray for us

St. Kateri Tekakwitha … pray for us

God is good … all the time.


Fr. Mike Dechant OMI