The Diocese of Saskatoon strives to make parishes safe places for everyone. The Covenant of Care and Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Protocol are the codes of ethics and procedures dealing with issues of misconduct and abuse by both lay and ordained within our Catholic community. The covenant and protocol can be found online on the Diocesan webiste:

All parishes select a Parish Coordinator of Care (PCC).   Brian Zimmer, (306) 227-0171, has been chosen as St. Philip Neri Parish’s Coordinator of Care.

Anyone who is aware of a breach of protocol may contact their pastor or PCC. Allegations of a criminal nature should be made directly to city police or the local branch of the RCMP and to our Parish Coordinator of Care. If you are uncomfortable with reporting an incident within our Parish,  you may contact the Diocese and report it there.  To report and incident to the Diocese,  please contact one of the following individuals.  

Anne E. Williams, BSW, RSW, SEP at (306) 220-0448 or

Father Marvin Lishchynsky at (306) 659-5825 or toll free at 1-877-661-5005 Extension *825  or