Parish History

2021-11-17T08:31:43-06:0028 August 2020|

50 Years of Holy Joyfulness Click on the book cover to read and view our 2009 publication. It is available for download in PDF, [...]

Parish Staff

2023-08-09T09:48:22-06:0028 August 2020|

Fr. Mike Dechant OMI - Pastor Fr. Mike Dechant was born in northern Alberta, but then "transplanted" to Saskatchewan for most of his life. [...]

Diocesan Covenant of Care

2021-05-19T09:39:26-06:005 August 2020|

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon strives to make parishes safe places for everyone.  They have implemented three policy documents to create safe environments [...]

Our Schools

2022-06-07T09:40:38-06:005 August 2020|

Our pastor, Fr. Mike Dechant OMI, works part-time in the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division as the priest chaplain at Holy Cross High School. [...]

Our Mission

2023-07-25T09:49:04-06:005 August 2020|

'Joyfully Building up the Church'   "What should be done then my friends? Let all things be done for building up."    (1 Corinthians 14:26) [...]

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