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Attending Mass with Restrictions

Updated Tuesday August 4, 2020

Beginning on June 16,  we have been offering Mass to a maximum of 90 individuals for each of the Mass times listed below:

Monday through Friday - 8:30 am 

Saturdays - 5 pm

Sundays - 9:30 am and 11:30 am

Anyone wishing to attend our weekend Masses must pre-register. 


 How to Register for Mass

We are using an online software system called "VOLUNTEER SIGNUP"  to help with registration.  You don't have to volunteer for anything.  We find it works very well to keep track of attendance.  We need to know who has been to our Masses, so we can keep you safe in the event contact tracing should be needed.

To use this system to register:

  1. Click on one of the coloured "REGISTER NOW"  options listed below or on our homepage.  You will be taken to this online system. 
  2. If you are attending a weekday Mass, there will be more than one date listed so look for the correct date that you would like to attend. 
  3. Be sure your row says ATTENDEE. Go to the end of that row and click on the green arrow.  
  4. You will be taken to a screen that will ask you for your contact information.  When you are finished entering your information, identify the fruit, and click on the green button that says , "Agree and Sign up" at the bottom of that screen. 

That's it.  You're all done!  You are now registered for Mass.

A couple of things to note:

  • Be sure your row says ATTENDEE.  We are asking any that are interested if they would like to help out by being a  Lector or Welcomer at our Masses. There is a special row set up for those parishioners wishing to do so.
  • The number next to the green arrow in your row, tells you how many spots are still available. Now you can tell how many will be joining you for Mass.  If it is still quite high, there will be lots of seats to choose from when you arrive.   If it is a single digit, we are almost at our full house of 90.  
  • When the Mass is full there will be a grey "FULL"  listed beside that Mass.  We hope there is another time that is also suitable for you. 
  • Please sign up each family member individually.  You will have to go back to the sign up sheet each time and click on the green arrow for the date you would like to attend.  Depending on your information, you may only have to change the first name and identify the fruit before clicking on the green button.  This helps us keep track of numbers.  Thank you!
  • Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email 'thanking you for volunteering for the date and time' you have signed up for.  This is just the preset, locked format for the progarm and we can't change the wording.  If you look a bit closer at the email, you will see you have signed up to be an ATTENDEE.  That's all.   We are glad you are able to join us for Mass. 
If you have any trouble registering online,  you may also call our Parish Office, (306) 343-0325 during regular office hours and we will assist you to sign up for a Mass. 


Saturday 5 pm Mass - August 8, 2020  REGISTER NOW

Sunday 9:30 am Mass - August 9, 2020  REGISTER NOW

Sunday 11:30 am Mass - August 9, 2020 REGISTER NOW


Saturday 5 pm Mass - August 15, 2020  REGISTER NOW

Sunday 9:30 am Mass - August 16, 2020  REGISTER NOW

Sunday 11:30 am Mass - August 16, 2020 REGISTER NOW


For more information on attending Mass at St. Philip Neri, please read, Directives for Attending Mass.  




First Reconciliation Preparation (for children in Grade 2 and up) 

Once a year (usually in the fall) we prepare grade 2 students who have been baptized to encounter the sacrament of reconciliation for the firs time in their lives. We will walk with you as we discover the wonderful gift of this sacrament and help your children understand and love reconciliation.

Registration will be made available for 2020, when the time comes.  


First Eucharist Preparation (for children in Grade 2 and up)

After 1st reconciliation, students in Grade 2 and older, can enjoy the graces of the Sacrament of First Eucharist.  They will learn more about the saints and Mass, experience the Holy Spirit and take their relationship with Jesus to a whole new level of intimacy.  Grade 2 students will prepare for this sacrament after their reconciliation classes are completed; usually in the spring.


Confirmation Preparation (for children in Grade 6 and up)

After completion of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, students in Grade 6  are invited to complete their initiation into the Catholic faith by preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 


Covid-19 Update

Our 2020 preparation classes have been postponed until further notice as we navigate through the guidelines and recommendations of the city of Saskatoon and our Diocese. 

This can be a great opportunity to build up your children’s faith through family prayers, reading the Bible, saint stories and/or Christian music!

It is recommended you continue livestreaming Mass online and register for in-person Masses throughout the week to celebrate the Eucharist in Spirit.








"Faith is a personal act - the free response of the human person to the initiative of God who reveals himself, but faith is not an isolated act. No one can believe alone, just as no one can live alone. You have not given yourself faith as you have not given yourself life. The believer has received faith from others and should hand it on to others. Our love for Jesus and for our neighbor impels us to speak to others about our faith. Each believer is thus a link in the great chain of believers, I cannot believe without being carried by the faith of others, and by my faith I help support others in faith."

(Catechism of the Catholic Church, Article 2)

People who are not Catholic have questions about how to become Catholic. Some of the questions include.... What is the process involved? How long does it take? How do I get started? What would I need to learn about? When are the sacraments celebrated for adults? All these questions can be answered during an initial interview just to inquire about RCIA.

We have a team of people who are supportive and would welcome the opportunity to journey with others who are interested in becoming Catholic.  For more information or to set up an initial interview, please call Shirley at 306-343-0325 or email at  


    "Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, 

      the gateway to life in the Spirit (vitae spiritualis ianua)

                      and the door which gives access to the other sacraments."               

      (Cathechism of the Catholic Church)


We welcome you warmly to the celebration of Baptism in our parish! We support you in choosing to have your child baptized in the Catholic faith! This is the most precious gift you can give your child. However, it is just the beginning. It is your responsibility for the rest of your life to nourish the faith formation of this young child of God. 

We, as a parish community, also welcome our role as priest, prophet and king in the formation of all the baptized and especially that of these little ones in Christ.

Pre-registration is necessary.  For more information, please contact Shirley at (306)343-0325 or at 



We, as Catholics celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation because we believe in God's mercy and forgiveness of our failings.  Our priests can help you and you can trust the Holy Spirit to guide you to remove these burdens from your conscience. Let's celebrate God's mercy together. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is by appointment only.  Please contact Fr. Mike Dechant at (306) 850-9075.










“So, they are no longer two, but one flesh.  Therefore, what God has joined together. Let no one separate.”

(Matthew 19:6)

Are you engaged?  Congratulations! What a blessing God has given you!  

If you would like to book your wedding date, or if you have questions about the marriage process, please call Shirley, our Pastoral Associate, at (306) 343-0325 or email her at

There are parish marriage documents required and it can take a bit of time to get all of the documentation in order, so we ask that you contact us as soon as it is convenient to begin the process.

A marriage preparation course is also required. Participation in the course should assist you in living a healthy religious marriage.  A marriage preparation course may also be appropriate even if you are thinking about getting married, too.

We have a marriage preparation team who is interested in supporting you in the preparation of the sacrament of marriage and would welcome the opportunity to journey with you. Our marriage preparation course is on hold during this time of COVID-19 social distancing.

A word about the marriage preparation course, when it resumes...

This course is offered each spring. The course has a number of themes that are appropriate for couples who are interested in getting married and want God to permeate their relationship. There are also support couples who are present as mentors and to assist with questions and concerns.


"This is the will of my Father, says the Lord,
all who believe in the Son
 will have eternal life and I will raise them to life again on the last day. "

(John 6:40)

Acknowledging the suddenness and impact of a death in the family,the parish staff is extremely understanding and will give you and your family all of the support that is possible.

Please call Shirley, our Pastoral Associate, (306) 343-0325, as soon as you are able to begin the arrangements that are needed.