Our Golden Age Card Group plays cards (Whist and Kaiser) every 2nd and 4th Wednesday afternoon of the month.  Cards begin the last week in August and continue until late in June with a break over the summer.  There is a small $2.00 admission fee each time you play.  Everyone takes turns bringing dainties for the lunch after the card games are finished.  At Christmas,  there is a catered dinner before the card games, to celebrate the season.  The spring wind-up is in June at Smiley’s restaurant.  In January, the St. Francis Card Group invites our Group to an afternoon of cards and lunch.  In May, we return the invitation.  The two Groups total about 50 people.  Where else can you go at today’s prices and have lunch with coffee, lots of fun playing cards, and wonderful friendship for $2.00?  Come join us!  For more information, contact Sylvia Godbout at (306)374-9085.

This activity has been paused due to COVID-19.